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This training will be aimed at expanding the knowledge about digital marketing specifically in the area of ​​social networks, fundamental in today’s market. Intensive training for the management of communities in different social media platforms. Know how to use the most current tools and apply the necessary strategies that can position your brand digitally.


Branding are the actions that a brand creates and evolves to become unique, to generate connection and achieve communication with its consumers or users.
When we talk about Branding we go beyond creating a beautiful logo, we are going to create a brand, manage it and get it to interact with your target audience and position itself both in the minds of users and in digital and traditional media.
To create a brand it is necessary to do a previous investigation, we must know different factors that will be fundamental in the success of our brand such as: The environment where our brand will be

Who is our brand for?

Factors that make it different from other brands
Only in this way can we design an identity that is really aimed at our audience.

Can having a website increase your sales?

If you are positioned in Google search engines, people can find your services faster and leave your data to get more information. In this way you will increase your presence on the Internet and at the same time you will get potential customers that Later they will be contacted by your sales team.

You already have a web page but it doesn't work?

You should keep in mind that, a web page is the center of marketing strategy digital of your company and nowadays, people enter the Internet daily to Get more information about a brand, product or service. Does your website have a design focused on your users ?, Do you feed your website weekly with content of value? Do you have a contact form? If most responses are negative It must be the reason why you are not getting the desired results.

How can we get results with a web page?

We must bear in mind that the key components in this process are the design and content, these will lead us to build a site that really attracts users and invite you to continue browsing until you take them to take the action we intend.

Think about the personality of your brand

Just as a shirt does not look the same to everyone, every brand has a style that suits you more depending on your activity.
It is important to know the personality of the brand at the time of design the website and accordingly, create a web design that It really conveys what it needs to the customer and identifies with it.
Is an informal brand? Is it elegant or corporate? Are your customers youth or adults; men or women? That is why the design must be thought for each personality and our task is to make it fit her.

Organize your information

The navigation map of your web page must be aligned with all elements of your design, that is, we must take into account your organization, the relevant information you want to show, its management and to whom it is focused:
You must organize a navigation map (menu, services, contacts, information about the company, download technical data sheets, manuals, success stories, among others)
It must be simple and easy to understand, since users have little time to navigate.

Users must find the contents easily.

It must have a responsive design (that suits cell phones, tablets and computers)
It must have relevant and differentiating content for your target audience.
A good website should represent your brand in all aspects. A user must immediately identify who connected with your brand, the graphic design and the organization of your content play a role fundamental.
A professional design will give your website more reliability and achieve that your users interact with her.
The content will make your customers visit it frequently and refer you as an authority in the sector

Generate aggregate values strategically

An image, a text, a video or an infographic, are contents that give it a added value to your website, these must be aligned with words keys of your business (with which the user searches your services online).
Dedicate yourself to think about striking and strategic concepts that provoke an analysis in the user, that they reach the heart directly and loyalty.
If you have special information to show, make it really see special, with colors, fonts and images that feed the design and seduce your user.
Offer the best of your brand, always think of the user.
All the content of your web page (the photos, videos and texts) in which you show and describe the products or services of the brand must be of great quality. A user will not visit your website again if he finds that:

  • The website is very slow.
  • The tabs or links do not work
  • Find low resolution photos or texts
  • Incomplete and with spelling errors.
  • If you don’t have contact information: emails, phones
  • or directions.

Offer the best of your brand, always think of the user On the other hand, it is convenient to have several photos that allow the user know the product perfectly and if possible see the product being used by real people. A good website should interact with its users, so you should consider adding on your website:

  • Chats
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Online quote
  • Enable comments
  • Connect your social networks
  • Location Maps
  • Weekly blog

A good website shares content permanently:
Content creation is one of the weak points of most web pages, maintaining permanent content production is not an easy task, you must also keep in mind that it must be varied and of value, that way your users will always have a reason to return.

The statistics say

According to statistics from the annual report of HootSuite and We Are Social on the use of the internet and mobile phones in 293 countries, the Internet in South America has penetrated 68% in people’s lives. Online video ads increase purchase intention by 97% and brand recognition by 139%, as pointed out by Unruly data, which is a video platform that uses accurate data to help advertisers get involved Better to global audiences. Views of eCommerce websites in Colombia increased 3.5% in 2017. People use technology more, therefore companies need to generate opportunities in this field, according to statistics from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

Position first in Google

These are some of the necessary ingredients to have a successful SEM strategy.

Commercial Objectives

 We create the digital strategy according to your commercial objectives. We carry out both Search and Branding Performance campaigns on Display.


 We select the best keywords for your products or services. We conduct a thorough investigation of the competition in Google AdWords.


We segment your target audience to reach your potential customers effectively. We generate Custom and Public Re-Marketing Audiences.

Landing Page

In case you don’t have a website, we develop a custom landing page. If you have a website, we also recommend optimizing Google AdWords campaigns with Landing Pages.

Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics to know everything that happens on your website. Know what the user’s behavior on your website is and how to optimize it.
Having the data is not enough, interpreting and knowing how to focus the strategy is our key. We provide you with the necessary tools to measure the performance of your website and make the right decisions to optimize the performance of your business. Google Analytics and Search Console are the quintessential tools of Google to measure everything that happens on your website and optimize it.


We talk about online stores, e-commerce is the future attracting customers, therefore increasing your sales.

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